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About Us

Goals - setting them AND achieving them are important!

Next-Step-Up Communications is a multi-service creative studio specializing in niche marketing. Niche marketing is an age old technique to success. We help you understand and communicate your niche to your prospects, and give them the information they need to respond to your message.

  • We specialize in helping your image be consistent, effective and memorable to your target audience.
  • We help you develop a practical marketing and creative strategy that works in your budget and will attract your prospects.

We are proud to serve Businesses & Non-profit Organizations needing...

  • Ad Agency Quality Graphics, Copywriting, Marketing & Website Development

With over 25 years experience working in ad agencies, marketing firms, graphic design studios and printing companies, we've got what you need to get your projects to the Next-Step-Up in quality and impact! Thanks for your business!

Joanne Sampl

Joanne Sampl

Graphic Designer
Lead Designer
Marketing & Image Consultant
Copywriter & Editor






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