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Websites are as easy as taking a S T E P !


It all starts with
a call or email.
Asking questions and getting answers
is the easiest part!


You know what you like, but do you know what your prospective clients like?
We help you develop a strategy that will get their response.


Next, we explore the design and creative strategies that will work to meet your needs and budget. We'll develop user-friendly navigation, images and effective content.


Once you've approved the design and supplied your part of the project, we work within two weeks to produce your website (up to 10 pages).

All our website design packages include:

  • Custom Design - unique look, feel and design for every client. Your site won't look like anyone else's on the internet. Your NICHE will be the feature of your website!
  • All Web Designs include: your logo*, photographs (our stock or yours), content (yours or ours), user-friendly and easy to navigate design, Quick-loading pages and images, even for slower dial-up visitors, and graphic images that accentuate, not dominate your content.
    • Packages for up to 10 pages for as little as $600.
    • Contact us about your specific needs.
  • High Functionality & Search Engine Optimization - meaning we design to meet the needs of the majority of internet users and search engines.
  • Low Maintenance Fee - we make it affordable for us to keep your website up to date for you.

*Additions to web design expense may include: logo design or logo treatment for web use, content development,
photo galleries, detailed contact forms, e-commerce, etc. All expenses will be estimated ahead of the production phase and the client will approve of all expenses from the beginning. A deposit and signed contract will be required to commence the exploration phase of the website development.

All our website hosting packages include:

  • 5 MG of Storage on a Windows Server that has 24/7 support & reliability.
  • Email accounts available for Webmail and Outlook accessibility.
  • Free Training for use on Emails, Webstats, and other features of your site.
  • One time annual fee for hosting, email & domain name registration.

*Web hosting is an option of our services. We can use your existing server and domain name, too!

We can customize any package to meet your budget, so contact us today!


Checklist for Great Web Design:

Background does not interrupt the text

Text is big enough to read, but not too big

The hierarchy of information is perfectly clear

Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the screen

Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use

Navigation is consistent throughout web site

Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitor with a clue as to where they are, what page of the site they are on

Link colors coordinate with page colors

Links are underlined so they are instantly clear to the visitors

Every graphic has an alt label

Every graphic link has a matching text link

Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors

Pages download quickly

Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull quotes) to break up large areas of text

Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site; there are repetitive elements that carry throughout the pages

Contact us today for your website design needs!